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+972 aims to provide reporting and commentary from the region. Our first priority will be to publish guest posts from people writing from Israel or Palestine or other parts of the Middle East. If you are writing from elsewhere, we may still consider your piece if there is a good reason why your perspective on the topic is particularly relevant — for example, due to personal experience or involvement.

Try to make a clear, strong and original point. Our readers are quite well-informed and probably don’t want to read a repetitive analysis of the general situation; they are however looking for fresh ideas regarding old problems, new topics that haven’t been addressed, or new information and details that might change their perspectives.

Try to keep the submissions op-ed length — 800 words or less. We are also happy to consider unconventional posts — videos, photo essays, poems, music or creative treatments.

Please fact-check and proofread your articles. When we find factual errors, we are less likely to publish the piece, as this indicates that there may be more errors we haven’t found. If the piece needs heavy language editing or correction, we are less likely to publish it. If you notice a factual error or a typo after a piece has been published, please write to us immediately and we will fix it.

Please include a 1-3 line bio in all submissions, explaining where you live and what you do. Articles that include a photo relevant to the topic will be published faster. Photos that are copyright protected and are not owned by the author of the post cannot be used on our site. If your oped has been published elsewhere, please let us know.

By submitting an article, picture or video to us you give us all rights to post this item, to edit it, add headlines, photos and illustration and to distribute it through various channels.

Finally, while we appreciate your submission, we are not able to respond to each writer. If you do not hear from us within several weeks, chances are that we were not able to publish your article.